Jan 23rd

SCVN recieves grant from the Mental Health Resource League

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On January 22nd,  SCVN was awarded a grant of $16,632.00 by the Mental Health Resource League (MHRL) McHenry County. This grant will go to fund the SCVN Office Coordinator position. This role is vital to the daily operation of the organization. With 724 upcoming service requests currently in our database and 400+ calls per month coming into the office, this position is critical to maintain daily operations. SCVN is grateful to the MHRL for supporting this much needed positon. The MHRL leadership has the unique understanding that grants to fund positions like this one, is not only necessary, it is mission critical.

Taken directly from the MHRL website: “The Mental Health Resource League for McHenry County was founded in 1967 as an auxillary to the McHenry Mental Health Center. MHRL broadened its scope in 1967 to give financial aid to mental health-related agencies in McHenry County. The all-volunteer league has a membership of over 100 men and women who raise funds to help McHenry County mental health agencies supply the services needed in areas such as crisis hotlines, youth programs, abuse, addictions and developmental disabilities.

In 1969, the first Fair Diddley® Craft Show netted $500 for the agencies. During the January, 2018 Annual Meeting, the League will award nearly $210,000 from the proceeds of our 2017 Fair and Fall Diddley® shows!. Eighteen McHenry County agencies will receive grant funds during this meeting.

Since it’s inception in 1967, MHRL has awarded over $5.7 million to our various McHenry County agencies.”

SCVN is truly grateful for the good work the MHRL is doing and the ongoing support of our program. With this grant, SCVN can continue to combat the isolation and depression that would surely increase without its no-cost services. SCVN volunteers provide life-essential and life-enriching rides for those who would otherwise be stranded at home with little opportunity to get to their appointments. There are many seniors in McHenry County that have no family, no transportation, or live in an area of the county where public transportation is not available. SCVN fills these gaps in services so the area seniors can do what any other driving seniors are able to do; which lends to a better quality of life. SCVN appreciates that the MHRL recognizes the importance of the senior friendly visits the volunteers make to their homes so they feel less alone. SCVN appreciates that the MHRL knows how important it is for a senior woman to get her hair done and spend time being social with other people. All of the no-cost services provided by SCVN lend to a better quality of life, which is arguably vital for good mental health.

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