May 7th

Congratulations to our 50/50 Spring Raffle Winner!

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Congratulations to our Spring 50/50 raffle winner, Bonnie Biederer from McHenry, IL. She took home a check today for $1185.00.

SCVN is happy to announce that our spring fundraiser was very successful and all because of those of you who sold tickets, bought tickets, and then bought some more tickets! We raised over $2000.00 and after expenses, 50% went to one lucky winner.  This means that SCVN also retained $1185 that will go towards our volunteer program support. We had one of our amazing office volunteers, Judy Deering, pluck the winning ticket out of our raffle bucket live on Facebook last week on May 1st at 3:00 pm. Those of you who missed the drawing were probably waiting for a call that never came, but one of our wonderful Care Receivers got that call. When we told her that she had won $1185.00 she said “you’re kidding”.  So this is where this story gets better. I think for those of you who did not win, this will still make you smile; I know I did.

We drew the ticket and the name on the ticket was Bonnie B. who resides in McHenry. The last name was not easy to read and I struggled a little bit; and yes, it was recorded so you can all go and laugh at me later watching the Facebook post.  We called the phone number on the ticket and asked for Bonnie hoping we found the winner without butchering her last name again. We then found out that Bonnie was not really Bonnie. Her legal name is Janie, but she goes by Bonnie which is her middle name. So needless to say that after some sleuthing, we found our winner and realized that she was one of our Care Receivers. We of course wanted to get her the money she had won and asked if she could come in to pick it up her check and get a photo with us. She said she needed to put in a ride request because she did not have a way to get here. We entered her request into our ride scheduling system and it didn’t take long for a volunteer to pick up the appointment.  She was safely delivered to us this morning by one of our volunteer drivers so we could hand over her check and snap a quick photo.

Maybe you weren’t the winner of the raffle this year, but I assure you that this lucky lady was happy to have won. She was so grateful and appreciative of not only winning the money, but also for our dedicated and wonderful team of volunteers who provide rides for her when she needs them. All of your dollars go to help people like Janie, or Bonnie, or any other Care Receiver needing our volunteer services and support. Thanks again for the support of this year’s spring raffle. We hope to give away even more next year!





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