2020 Quilt Raffle Winners

Thank you to everyone who has purchased a raffle ticket! Thank you for your kind support of our Senior Neighbors in McHenry County.

Quilt RaffleWinner
A Child’s Daydream – Q1Kristine Petersen – Ticket # 61534-Q1-107
Calico Turning 20 Again – Q2Rita Janus – Ticket # 192185-Q2-213
Holiday Pines – Q3Jane Bentley – Ticket # 45572-Q3-304
The Benhart – Q4Denise Pitcher – Ticket # 45314-Q4-401
The Plaid Rooster – Q5Gayle Haefele – Ticket # 96387-Q5-505
Wandering Paths – Q6Merritt Keiser – Ticket # 145808-Q6-607
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