It Could Have Been Fun

It Could Have Been Fun
By: Aly Halberstadt as told to by Rinus Lamers
It was my early years of volunteering that I drove that sweet 91 year old lady once a week. She always had a few items on her agenda and I happily took her where she needed to go. One day though, well, it was one day I’ll never forget. On that day, I was taking my sweet companion to the post office, the bank, and finally to her doctor’s office for an appointment. After leaving the bank I took, what I thought, was the shortest route to the doctor. It wasn’t long before I noticed her eyes darting around and acting slightly tense and concerned. After a few minutes, she squeaked out, “Where are you taking me?” It was at that moment that a headline popped up in my mind, Man kidnaps 91 year old lady. “Oh no,” I thought, “She thinks I’ve kidnapped her!” After realizing her panic, I assured her I was taking her to the doctor and she need not be worried. She sat a moment, quietly, appearing to be contemplating whether or not to believe me when a mischievous smirk slowly started to spread across her face. “Too bad,” she said, “It could have been fun!”

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