For more than 20 years, Senior Care Volunteer Network has been serving the seniors of McHenry County with no-cost services.

And by providing those critical services, which contribute to senior stability and mobility, the long-standing nonprofit organization has additionally helped contribute to a healthy community.

What impact has it made? During the 2018-2019 fiscal year, for instance, the organization traveled 152,340 miles, completed 8,929 rides, fulfilled 19,982 total hours of service, and loaned 3,100 pieces of medical equipment.

SCVN is able to accomplish this by engaging community members as volunteers to provide services and make connections to the services needed. One of those services is helping to fill the transportation gaps within the county by providing free rides to seniors. Many SCVN clients depend on generous and caring volunteers to take them to their doctor, the hospital for chemo treatments or dialysis, a pharmacy or grocery store, nutrition sites, activities at senior centers, and much more.

Additionally, Senior Care Volunteer Network values collaborative relationships with local and national businesses and works with them to establish purposeful ways to give back.

“Their support is critical to SCVN’s mission continuing,” Outreach Coordinator Laura Turasky said.

With McHenry County having the fourth fastest-growing senior population in the state, and research indicating the county’s senior population will increase 157% by 2030, a little help can

go a long way. When seniors know there is someone there for them, someone who cares, and they know they can still be an integral part of their community, they remain independent longer.

Community members can help further the organization’s mission to help seniors maintain their independence, dignity, and quality of life by volunteering. An hour of your time is all it takes to make a real difference in the life of a senior who needs you.

The community can also assist with financial support. Contributions give Senior Care Volunteer Network the necessary funds to continue to provide seniors the best support necessary to live independently in their own homes.

Senior Care Volunteer Network : 42 East Street Suite C : Crystal Lake, IL 60014 : 815.455.3120 :