We invite you to watch the video below to see how your gift to SCVN impacts the lives of our neighbors
Meet Care Receiver Kay

One day we will all get to a place where things we take for granted are taken from us. For SCVN care receiver, Kay, this loss of independence came when she had to stop driving due to some mobility concerns. Her level of freedom had changed in a moment. She was now forced to rely on family and friends to get her to the places she both needed and wanted to go.

Meet Daughter Karen

Karen knew her mom not being able to drive anymore was bringing her spirits down. Karen helped whenever she could, but as the primary support to her mom, it became harder to help the others around her who had also come to rely on her. Karen missed spending time with her own daughter and grandchildren.

Meet Volunteer Dewey

SCVN has over a hundred volunteer
drivers just like Dewey who help seniors like Kay find the independence they thought they lost. SCVN volunteers connect seniors to services, activities, and resources that provide hope and friendship so they can continue to live their best lives.

2,082 Seniors Served
McHenry County Area residents 60+
4,592 Meals Delivered
Addressing food insecurity.
8,510 Friendly Visits
Combating isolation and depression.
7,099 Rides
124,163 Miles Driven
Connecting people to services, resources,
and activities across the entire McHenry
County area.
884 Medical Equipment Loans
1,700 pieces of equipment borrowed.

Thanks to the generosity of the Foglia Family Foundation, your donation will be matched Dollar for Dollar

With your gift of $250, you will support a care receiver like Kay for an entire year!

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