May 8th

NOW HIRING – Join our Team!

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SCVN is looking to hire a two new team members to manage our volunteer program! These are 20hr/week  hourly positions perfect for someone wanting to serve the community with great purpose.  If interested take a look at the job description and send your resume along with a cover letter expressing why you think you would be the right fit to [email protected].

Volunteer Program Coordinator Job Description

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May 7th

June Craft Night – Birdhouse Painting – June 6th

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Please join us Wednesday evening, June 6th, from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm as our amazing volunteer, Deb Cadena, leads us in a birdhouse painting craft project. This event will be held at the Senior Care Volunteer Network office in the lower level break room. Registration form and event flyers are at the bottom of this post.

The birdhouses we are painting for this event are already assembled, but they need some exterior design work. Everyone will be provided one bare birdhouse as part of their registration. We provide the paints and the brushes and all you will need to bring are your creative decorating ideas.

Our craft events are becoming very popular and fill quickly. Be sure to sign up today!

There is a recommended donation of $25.00 or more to cover the material costs and instruction, but is not required. Donations are graciously accepted the evening of the event and go to help continue our no-cost services for the seniors of McHenry County. Thank you for your continued support of the craft night series at Senior Care Volunteer Network.

June Project – Paint a Birdhouse

Registration Information

Seats are limited for this class. Please submit one registration for each person attending.








All materials for the project will be provided for you, but indicating which type of house will ensure that we have enough to go around.

Donation covers all supplies

Credit Card

Birdhouse Craft Flyer_draft


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May 7th

Congratulations to our 50/50 Spring Raffle Winner!

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Congratulations to our Spring 50/50 raffle winner, Bonnie Biederer from McHenry, IL. She took home a check today for $1185.00.

SCVN is happy to announce that our spring fundraiser was very successful and all because of those of you who sold tickets, bought tickets, and then bought some more tickets! We raised over $2000.00 and after expenses, 50% went to one lucky winner.  This means that SCVN also retained $1185 that will go towards our volunteer program support. We had one of our amazing office volunteers, Judy Deering, pluck the winning ticket out of our raffle bucket live on Facebook last week on May 1st at 3:00 pm. Those of you who missed the drawing were probably waiting for a call that never came, but one of our wonderful Care Receivers got that call. When we told her that she had won $1185.00 she said “you’re kidding”.  So this is where this story gets better. I think for those of you who did not win, this will still make you smile; I know I did.

We drew the ticket and the name on the ticket was Bonnie B. who resides in McHenry. The last name was not easy to read and I struggled a little bit; and yes, it was recorded so you can all go and laugh at me later watching the Facebook post.  We called the phone number on the ticket and asked for Bonnie hoping we found the winner without butchering her last name again. We then found out that Bonnie was not really Bonnie. Her legal name is Janie, but she goes by Bonnie which is her middle name. So needless to say that after some sleuthing, we found our winner and realized that she was one of our Care Receivers. We of course wanted to get her the money she had won and asked if she could come in to pick it up her check and get a photo with us. She said she needed to put in a ride request because she did not have a way to get here. We entered her request into our ride scheduling system and it didn’t take long for a volunteer to pick up the appointment.  She was safely delivered to us this morning by one of our volunteer drivers so we could hand over her check and snap a quick photo.

Maybe you weren’t the winner of the raffle this year, but I assure you that this lucky lady was happy to have won. She was so grateful and appreciative of not only winning the money, but also for our dedicated and wonderful team of volunteers who provide rides for her when she needs them. All of your dollars go to help people like Janie, or Bonnie, or any other Care Receiver needing our volunteer services and support. Thanks again for the support of this year’s spring raffle. We hope to give away even more next year!





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Mar 6th

Thank You Mary Jo!

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Feb 14th

FREE Home Energy Assesments from ComEd

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ComEd customers have opportunities to reduce energy usage with a FREE energy assessment that includes free and discounted products for your home. ComEd has partnered with your natural gas utility to bring electric and natural gas savings to you.

Homeowners, call 1-855-433-2700 to schedule your assessment.

Check out the website for more details!

FREE Energy-Saving Products

Homeowners can reduce energy use with FREE installation of the following FREE products:

  • ENERGY STAR® certified LEDs
  • Programmable thermostats
  • WaterSense® certified showerheads
  • WaterSense certified faucet aerators for bathrooms and kitchens
  • Hot water pipe insulation
  • Advanced power strips*

* Advanced power strips are also available for free to eligible customers but will not be installed.

More Options

ecobee4 and ecobee3 lite smart thermostats are available for purchase at a discount during the assessment and include FREE installation. Only smart thermostats purchased during the assessment are eligible for installation.

ComEd also offers rebates for other smart thermostat options. View the Smart Thermostat Rebates pageto review qualifications for rebate options.

Questions? View the Home Energy Assessment FAQs.

FREE Personalized Report

During your FREE assessment, you will also receive a personalized report identifying additional ways to save.


Owners of single-family homes, two-flats, condos and townhomes are eligible. Renters in these building types are also eligible, with permission from their landlord.

Products must be installed by the energy advisor, and the energy advisor will not move furniture. The energy advisor will not install the energy-saving products if they are not confident they can install them safely or without damaging property. LED bulbs will be installed only in fixtures with existing incandescent or halogen bulbs that are in use for at least two hours per day.

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Feb 12th

February Newsletter

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Feb 9th

SNOW DAY – Office Closed 2/9/2018

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Due to the amount of snow we got last night, I have closed the SCVN office. Today, 2/9/2018, the staff will be working safely from their homes. The office phones will be checked regularly. We ask that if you are calling in a request, that you please just leave your name and telephone number. Someone will return your call as soon as we are able.

IF you have an emergency, please dial 911 immediately.

Sorry for any inconvenience.♥

~Sarah Schrempf
Executive Director

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Jan 24th

Welcome SCVN’s Newest Board Member, Gina O’Connor

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A passion for serving and connecting families to services is what motivates Gina in career and volunteer opportunities.

After graduating with a Masters Degree in Family Studies from Kent State University, Gina has worked in several roles (Activities Director, Social Worker, and Admission Director) in the senior health care field for over 15 years.  Currently,  Gina works as the Director of Marketing for Wauconda Care, Transitional and Rehabilitative Services.  Serving as a Care Pastor for Willow Crystal Lake and President of the McHenry County Task Force on Aging are areas that allow Gina to reach out to the community and connect, educate and serve others in need.

Gina sees her role on the Board of Directors for the Senior Care Volunteer Network as an opportunity to ensure that the safety and well being needs of seniors in the McHenry County area are being met.  “To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world” is an important motivating quote to Gina, SCVN is an agency that allows Gina to ensure that every senior has “That One”.

Gina lives in Lakewood with her husband and three daughters; she enjoys traveling, fitness, and spending time with family.


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Jan 23rd

SCVN recieves grant from the Mental Health Resource League

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On January 22nd,  SCVN was awarded a grant of $16,632.00 by the Mental Health Resource League (MHRL) McHenry County. This grant will go to fund the SCVN Office Coordinator position. This role is vital to the daily operation of the organization. With 724 upcoming service requests currently in our database and 400+ calls per month coming into the office, this position is critical to maintain daily operations. SCVN is grateful to the MHRL for supporting this much needed positon. The MHRL leadership has the unique understanding that grants to fund positions like this one, is not only necessary, it is mission critical.

Taken directly from the MHRL website: “The Mental Health Resource League for McHenry County was founded in 1967 as an auxillary to the McHenry Mental Health Center. MHRL broadened its scope in 1967 to give financial aid to mental health-related agencies in McHenry County. The all-volunteer league has a membership of over 100 men and women who raise funds to help McHenry County mental health agencies supply the services needed in areas such as crisis hotlines, youth programs, abuse, addictions and developmental disabilities.

In 1969, the first Fair Diddley® Craft Show netted $500 for the agencies. During the January, 2018 Annual Meeting, the League will award nearly $210,000 from the proceeds of our 2017 Fair and Fall Diddley® shows!. Eighteen McHenry County agencies will receive grant funds during this meeting.

Since it’s inception in 1967, MHRL has awarded over $5.7 million to our various McHenry County agencies.”

SCVN is truly grateful for the good work the MHRL is doing and the ongoing support of our program. With this grant, SCVN can continue to combat the isolation and depression that would surely increase without its no-cost services. SCVN volunteers provide life-essential and life-enriching rides for those who would otherwise be stranded at home with little opportunity to get to their appointments. There are many seniors in McHenry County that have no family, no transportation, or live in an area of the county where public transportation is not available. SCVN fills these gaps in services so the area seniors can do what any other driving seniors are able to do; which lends to a better quality of life. SCVN appreciates that the MHRL recognizes the importance of the senior friendly visits the volunteers make to their homes so they feel less alone. SCVN appreciates that the MHRL knows how important it is for a senior woman to get her hair done and spend time being social with other people. All of the no-cost services provided by SCVN lend to a better quality of life, which is arguably vital for good mental health.

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Jan 12th

January 2018 Newsletter

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