Winter Weather Guidelines

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Winter Weather Guidelines
SCVN (Senior Care Volunteer Network) Drivers

If you do not think it is safe to drive, please do not drive. We do not want you or the Care Receivers to get hurt Dangerous Road conditions and frigid temperatures are primary safety concerns and are a top priority.

Steps for DRIVERS to follow in case of inclement weather:
1. Call the CR like you normally would for any ride when you select it
2. Call a 2nd time within 1 hour prior to leaving the day of the ride in case the CR changed their minds since you last spoke or their service provider canceled their appointment
3. Contact the SCVN office and report via voicemail of any canceled rides at your earliest convenience at 815-455-3120 and in Assisted Rides in the request under actions select “Notify Office of Client Cancelation”
Do not use the hotline to report cancelations.

Driver Cancelations: Driver safety is our goal. Being uncomfortable taking a ride that you have already accepted is not expected.
If you decide due to weather not to drive:
1. Please call the CR and let them know as soon as possible that you are not able to take them
2. Call the office and notify the SCVN via voicemail of the cancelation and at your convenience in Assisted Rides in the request under actions select “Notify Office of Client Cancelation.” Indicate Driver canceled due to weather.

We ask that you do not use the hotline off-hours to report cancelations. You MUST call the CR as soon as you decide to cancel or leave them a voicemail. Remember, if the roads are bad, rides can be rescheduled; driver and rider safety come first.

Don’t get caught in a storm: Watch the weather forecast or get a weather app on your smartphone to monitor potential storms or inclement situations. You get to make the call whether you choose to take a ride. If an overnight storm is expected, err on the side of caution, and cancel the ride, especially if an early morning transport. This gives the CR time to cancel the appointment.

Office Closure: In severe circumstances, the SCVN office may close due to weather to ensure the office team’s safety. Please know that SCVN office team can still operate and support all volunteers and CR’s remotely. Emails and voicemails are attended to during regular office hours. Please be sure that you always leave detailed messages.

When to use the hotline: 844-653-7286
When there is an emergency (911 is called for any accident, incident, or breakdown)
***Report Dialysis Center Closings or Late Openings if you are made aware of them***

*Winter Weather Safety Tips:

While out on the road in the winter months, it is suggested to keep the following in your vehicles:

  • Cell phone, phone charger and jumper cables
  • Bottled Water and Snacks
  • Blankets, Gloves and Hats
  • Ice Scraper and small shovel

Please Note: CR’s will also get a copy of Inclement Weather Guidelines so they will be expecting calls from drivers in inclement weather situations since they may not have your personal contact information. If you have any questions regarding these Winter Guidelines, please call us at 815-455-3120 and we will answer any additional questions. YOU are important to us. Drive carefully and keep safe this winter!
*Additional winter driving tips visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website