Planned Giving

It takes a noble person to plant a seed and grow a tree that will one day provide shade to those whom one may never meet.

–Dr. David Trueblood


There are many different types of planned gifts that you can make that will match your goals. In addition to cash, there are options available that will allow you to support Senior Care Volunteer Network and the seniors we serve for generations to come while still providing for you and your loved ones. Your attorney or financial advisor can work with you to meet your goals and plant a Seed of Hope today.


 ———————- Type of Gift Desired Goal How to Make Your Gift Benefits To You
Simple Gifts Anyone Can Make Your Will or Trust

Name us in your will or living trust and designate a specified portion or remainder to Senior Care Volunteer Network.

• Defer a gift until after your lifetime. • Work with your attorney to add a few simple sentences to your will or living trust detailing your donation to Senior Care Volunteer Network.

• Designate Senior Care Volunteer Network as beneficiary of a percentage of your retirement plan, health savings plan or life insurance policy.

• Maintain your current lifestyle while making a meaningful gift to support Senior Care Volunteer Network.
• Enjoy flexibility to change your plans as life changes. Pass your retirement plan assets to Senior Care Volunteer Network tax-free.
Gifts That Pay Income and Protect Assets Charitable Remainder Trust

Charitable Lead Trust

• Supplement your own retirement income or provide a revenue stream to Senior Care Volunteer Network for a set number of years. • Transfer assets into a charitable remainder trust, which pays you and another beneficiary, if you choose, for a lifetime or a term of up to 20 years. When the term is up, the balance goes to Senior Care Volunteer Network.

• Transfer assets into a charitable lead trust, which pays Senior Care Volunteer Network each year for a lifetime or a term of years. The balance then passes to your heirs.

• Receive dependable payments now, or Senior Care Volunteer Network receives a supplemental revenue stream.

• Get an immediate income tax deduction with a charitable remainder trust.

• Reduce your taxable estate and reduce gift taxes with a charitable lead trust.

Gifts That Pay You Income Charitable Gift Annuity • Supplement your retirement income with steady  payments.

• Receive payments that are partially tax-free.

•  Make a donation of cash or securities to benefit Senior Care Volunteer Network through a simple exchange that provides you with fixed payments for life. • Receive current and future savings on income taxes.

• Enjoy tax savings on a portion of each payment you receive.

Gifts of Assets Stock or Other Securities Real Estate Personal Property • Make a gift now or in the future that provides tax benefits.

• Make a larger gift with little or no effect on cash flow.

• Give stock or securities that have increased in value directly to Senior Care Volunteer Network.
• Donate real estate.
• Donate personal property such as art, collectibles or other items of value.
• Receive immediate income tax benefits.

• Eliminate capital gains taxes on assets that have increased in value.

• Transfer the expense of insuring or maintaining assets you no longer need.


This information is not intended as legal or tax advice. For such advice, please consult your tax advisor or an attorney.

* Gifts of $2500 or more will be prominently engraved on our Seeds of Hope plaque and you will receive recognition in our newsletter and on our website.